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About Me

Creative Character. Storyteller. Relationship Builder.

A creative character – with a unique style of design that reflects a passion for typography, modern art, color, texture, architecture and the latest trends in design and technology. A neatnik with a keen eye for detail, connecting the dots between form and function, delivering customer experiences in its simplest form.


Creating emotional connections with a narrative to differentiate, and consumer experiences that deliver on the brand promise. Applying two decades of versatile industry experience, focusing on highlighting the customer value while delivering on the business objective.


Seeing the glass half full, it's not easy to get me worked up over things. Thriving in fast paced environments, building relationships at all levels, ensuring cross-functional communication and alignment of priority business objectives to move as a united front. Delivering a clear vision with a rational POV that breeds confidence, with humility and empathy. Comfortable supporting an anomaly - willing to bend backwards for the team and clients alike, but never at the expense of my principles and values. 

Timothy Wilson

Marketing Executive

In my experience working with Durriya, as a creative director at OfficeMax, I learned to rely on her creative insight tempered by a strategic rationale. She emerged from her education at Northwestern a stronger, more complete leader, strategist , and creative force. Uniquely, she can additionally always be categorized as a delightful contributor.

Bob Thacker

Chief Counselor at Counsel
I had the privilege of knowing and working with Durriya for five and a half years while I was Senior Vice President of Marketing at OfficeMax. She is without doubt one of the most talented, professional and personable people I have ever known. Durriya moved quickly up the ranks at OfficeMax because she demonstrated remarkable talent and management skills. Durriya is a star in my book. She is truly amazing.

Mary Casperson

Marketing Strategy, CVS Health

Durriya is a rare-find creative individual that speaks business acumen. Her design skills are remarkable and inspiring, but what truly differentiates Durriya is her ability to understand the needs of a business as well as the goals and objectives of projects. Durriya was an absolute pleasure to work with, as she always felt like a collaborative partner who brought her "A-Game" to every meeting. Hopefully our career paths will cross in the future!











Design of Times, Judge 2012

Path to Purchase Institute

Design of Times, Judge 2014

Path to Purchase Institute

Racie RAMA Award, Bronze

OfficeMax Directmail
Maxperks for Teachers Welcome Kit

Racie RAMA Award, Gold

OfficeMax MultiMedia Campaign
Back to School Penny

Racie RAMA Award, Silver

OfficeMax Integrated Media
Back to Basics Seasonal Campaign
Back to Basics Packaging

Racie RAMA Award, Silver

OfficeMax Website Experience

Hermes Creative, Gold

OfficeMax Personas
Impress Branding Posters

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